28 December 2011

#117 Do you want an apple?

Skin: JeSyLiLO Poupee GoStTon*J9 (by LiLO Glom)
Shape: JeSyLiLO Shape Poupee*3 (by LiLO Glom)
Eyes: JeSyLiLO Poupee Eyes DarkGreen (by LiLO Glom)
Hair: Truth  Kitty Quince (by Truth Hawks)
Top: (part of) Whippet & Buck Makybe Knit Dress Navy (by Dakota Buck)
Skirt: (part of) Mon Tissu Party Dress Stripes (by Julliette Westerburg)
Ring: MONS Catlicious Golden (by Ekilem Melodie)
Basket/Apple: Uncertain Smile Apple Offering Set (by Isabelli Anatine) [Free!]
Tights: Fri. Dotty Stockings (by Jumah Monday)
Shoes: JeSyLiLO Flat.Moon Red (by LiLO Glom)

Location: Romantic Times

27 December 2011

#116 Diorama

Skin: !Imabee Pale Vivian Couldn't Sleep (by Brendon Papp)
Eyes: R.icielli EOSv2 #3 (by Antonieta Fall)
Eyelashes: Glow Studio Innocent Intensive (by Jocelyn Anatine)
Hair: LeLutka QCX Jessica (by Thora Charron) [New]
Shirt: COCO Sleeveless Blouse&Cuff White (by cocoro Lemon)
Jacket: CheerNo Femme DIORAMA Jacket Teal (by Cattiva Vita)
Skirt: MONS Skirt Icon Hippie (by Ekilem Melodie) [New]
Earrings: Glow Studio Luxury Earring Gold (by Jocelyn Anatine)
Bag: Hawthorne Nostalgia Clutch Taupe (by Mgroesen)
Shoes: GField Strap Shoes Alex Patent Strawberry (by Cerberus Noel)
Poses: 1st from bag / 2nd from BRB (by Mijn Seoung)

Location: Great Eagle
Listening to: Empire Of The Sun - Walking on a dream

25 December 2011

#115 Kinda outta luck

Skin: Glam Affair Linn Natural D 07 (by aida Ewing) [New]
Eyes: Romi Skin MilkyWay Black (by Romi Juliesse)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Lashes Long (by Thora Charron)
Hair: Action Emily Naughty (by MarilynMonroe Munro)
Shirt: Milk Motion My Sailor Shirt (by Marie Lauridsen) [TDRB]
Pants: Maitreya Mesh Leather Legging Black (by Onyx LeShelle) [New]
Gloves: SHI Leather Glove Black (by Joy Laperriere)
Cane: Wodan's Skull Cane With Color Change Eyes Silver Rings (by Wodan Dragonash)
Shoes: COCO OxfordShoes Two-Tone (by cocoro Lemon)
Poses: Marukin (by Valencia Southard)

Location: The Warehouse District, ParadiseView
Listening to: Lana Del Rey - Kinda Outta Luck

23 December 2011

#114 Hold me tight


Skin: Ricielli ESMEE Light DB/Makeup4 (by Antonieta Fall) [New]
Eyes: R.icielli EOSv2 #11 (by Antonieta Fall)
Hair: Shag Pretty Please Scarlet (by Sebastien Aries) [Subscribo Gift]
Jacket: Mr.Poet Bat Sleeve Knit Coat Black // Mesh (by hiwinyu Fazuku) [Free]
Dress: Gawk! Red Striped Wool (by Mell McMahon) [New]
Belt: R.icielli RYNA Black (by Fhara Acacia)
Leggings: Crazy Basic Leggings Black (by loan Jogiches)
Ring: KOSH Nebula (by Lynaja Bade)
Boots: KristicA Safira Black // Mesh (by Kristic Furman) [New]
Pose1: Glitterati Winter (by Katey Coppola)
Pose2: Waffles Lookbook Girl Series (by Willa Whybrow)

Location: Twilight Highlands
Listening to: Beatles - Hold me tight

21 December 2011

#113 Your soul to keep

Skin: KRASOTA Margarita T. 2 m. 1 (by NinasBell) [Fashionably Late]
Hair: TRUTH Blake Sangria (by Truth Hawks)
Shirt: INDI Draped Colar Vanilla (by Jamie Holmer) [Group Gift]
Pants: Fishy Strawberry Lounge Pants Beige Wool // Mesh (by Fae Eriksen)
Scarf: Surf Couture Floral Wrap Scarf Vintage // Mesh (by Emma Gilmour)
Necklace: KOSH Your Soul To Keep (by Lynaja Bade)
Glasses: ROLE OPTIC  Neca // Mesh (by Rohal Schnyder)
Bracelet: Osakki Hamur MetalCuff Copper (by Kaysha Piers)
Bag: LaGyo The Desperado Combo1 Hand (by Gyorgyna Larnia) [TDR]
Shoes: ANEXX Loafer Pumps Camel (by machang Pichot)

18 December 2011

#112 Do you want to know a secret?

Skin: KRASOTA Margarita T. 2 m. 1 (by NinasBell) [Fashionably Late]
Hair: Tram A330 (by moca Loup) [Group Gift]
Hairband: Y&R Big Bow Hairband (by ruru Brentley) [Dollarbie]
Outfit: The Secret Store Aztec Jumpsuit Tangerine (by Maylee Oh) [Four Corners]
Bag: TokiDoki Bunny (by Maya Levane)
Socks: Emery  Mostaza (by sunami Beck) [Gift]
Shoes: GField Square-toe Sophie Autumn Leaf (by Cerberus Noel)
Pose: Marukin (by Valencia Southard) [Four Corners]

Location: Joplin 66
Listening to: The Beatles - Do You Want To Know A Secret

#111 Evanesce

Skin: Pink Fuel Ember Honey Scene with PF Elly Juicy Gloss Strawberry (by Mochi Milena)
Hair: Shag She Sends Kisses Scarlet (by Sebastien Aries) [New]
Dress: R.icielli EVA Minidress Black (by Fhara Acacia)
Bag: vive9 Charlotte Envelope Clutch in Cherry (by Sanya Bilavio)
Bracelet: LaGyo Sedrah (by Gyorgyna Larnia) [With Love (Again) Hunt]
Earrings: Atelier AM Pearl Earring Black (by aya Huldschinsky)
Nails: ICED Triple Diamond (by Scarlet Chandrayaan)
Shoes: ANEXX Buckle Wedge Boots Gold Black (by machang Pichot)
Poses: Just a Pose (by Glamouramama Boa)

Location: XIV Evanesce
Listening to: Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

13 December 2011

#110 Clock tower

Skin: Glam Affair Linn Natural D 02 (by aida Ewing) [New]
Hair: !lamb. Soma Sun-Dried Tomato (by Lamb Bellic)
Shirt/Sweater: AOHARU Pullover with Shirt Red (by machang Pichot) [New]
Pants: Spirit Store Proessa Pants Unisex Black (by Spirit Osmus) [New]
Watch: Cashmere Vivoldi Watch Black (by Gianni Broda)
Shoes: Ison Girl Panic Boots Red (by Harry Hyx)
Suitcase: Izumiya Free Trunk Big Denim (by Izumi Homewood)
Guitar: What Next Fleeftone Acoustic Guitar (by Fleef Fimicoloud)
Pose: Fantasista (by Juliett Moonites)

Location: Columtreal University, Black Bottom
Listening to: Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

#109 Norwegian

Skin: Glam Affair Linn Natural D 08 (by aida Ewing) [New!]
Eyes: Kletva Recognizer Eyes Onyx (by Vitor Algoma)
Hair: LeLutka Biel Dark Reds Jessica (by Thora Charron)
Nails: Urbanity Pretty Hand (by Trixi Wuyts)
Dress: Maitreya Mesh Nolita Dress Champagne (by Onyx LeShelle) [New]
Fur: LeLutka Irinushka Bolero Bear (by Thora Charron))
Bag: HouseofFox Steffani Lux Tote Black (by Fashionboi Landar) [New]
Tights: Sheer Tights 27 Opaque Black (by Sh Oluja)
Shoes: Color.Me.H.O.F Jealous Bootie Black (by Fashionboi Landar)
Poses: Marukin (by Valencia Southard)

Location: Second Norway
Listening to: Beatles - Norwegian Wood

12 December 2011

#108 We've grown

On me:
Skin: Glam Affair Linn Natural D HB 08 (by aida Ewing) [New]
Eyes: MADesigns Naturals Black Studio (by Maddox DuPont)
Hair: LeLutka Blythe Jessica (by Thora Charron)
Body: MONS Fera Bodysuit Leo (by Ekilem Melodie) [Group Gift]
Jacket: R.icielli Alexandra LeatherJacket Black (by Fhara Acacia)
Tights: Dawn Design Black Fishnet Pantyhose with Seam (by Dawn Memorial)
Necklace: Purple Moon Kenya Set in Gold (by Poulet Koenkamp)
Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black // Mesh (by Siddean Munro)

Location: Downtown
Listening to: The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up
Pictures by: Danixinha Babii

11 December 2011

#107 Mustard

Skin: JeSyLiLO IceCream LightSkin J4 (by LiLO Glom)
Eyes: R.icielli EOSv2 Eyes #3 (by Antonieta Fall)
Eyelashes: Talon Faire Swept Away (by Amaranthim Talon)
Hair: Maitreya Ymre Red (by Onyx LeShelle)
Shirt: SMS Victorian Blouse Mustard (by Irie Campese) [TDR]
Skirt: SMS Belted Skirt Leaves 3 (by Irie Campese)
Bag: SMS Grandma's Purse Teal (by Irie Campese)
Boots: Mentine Tycoon Boots Black (by Valentine Biddle)
Poses: Marukin (by Valencia Southard) [Collabor88]

Location: Ink Flagship Shop, Never Land
Listening to: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around The Bend

#106 Frozen lake


Skin: KRASOTA Winter Skin T. 1 m. 5 (by NinasBell) [New @ Winter Fair]
Hair: Shag Stella Was A Diver Scarlet (by Sebastien Aries) [New]
Sweater: d. Select Tops Long Winter Sweater Grey Diamonds (by Steffi Villota) [New]
Leggings: d. Select Pants Wool Tights Black (by Steffi Villota) [New]
Gloves: Nemesis Fabulous Gloves Black (by Calypso Clip)
Bag: Milk Motion My Satchel Pale Grey (by Marie Lauridsen)
Scarf: The Secret Store Tube Knitted Scarf Charcoal (by Maylee Oh)
Necklace: SMS Treble Clef Necklace Silver (by Irie Campese)
Boots: Hoorenbeek Mullingar Black (by LimerDesigner Limonaxit)
Poses: Just a Pose (by Glamouramama Boa)

Location: Malaika Winter Sim
Listening to: Rolling Stones - She's So Cold

#105 Nieve

Skin: JeSyLiLO Nieve LightSkin J1 (by LiLO Glom) [New]
Eyes: Romi Skin MilkyWay Eyes-Olive Green (by Romi Juliesse)
Glasses: Lemon Tea Big Wireframe Glasses Black (by Sei Minuet) [New]
Hair: [e] Soft Red 10 (by Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Cardigan: Fishy Strawberry Fur Neck Cardigan Black (by Fae Eriksen) [TDR]
Shirt: JANE Francie So Modest Milk (by Janie Marlowe)
Skirt: PRISS Flare High-Waist Fur Skirt (by Erin Winterwolf)
Bag: rbcg School Bag Black (by Kyrsten Jigsaw)
Tights: Vive9 Dot-ed After Tights in Caramel (by Sanya Bilavio)
Shoes: Duh! Black Mary Janes (by Renee Harvy)
Poses: Marukin (by Valencia Southard)

Location: Komorebi
Listening to: Love Will Take You - Angus and Julia Stone

10 December 2011

#104 Pas de malice

Skin: KRASOTA Vivian Skin  T. 2 m. 4 (by NinasBell)
Eyes: Romi Skin MilkyWay Eyes-Olive Green (by Romi Juliesse)
Hair: Action Carrie Naughty (by MarilynMonroe Munro) [New]
Jacket/Pants: PurPur Suit Sid Leather (by Morgana Ezvalt) [New]
Undershirt: Nemesis Club Top Cedar (by Calypso Clip) [New]
Scarf: TokiDoki French Twist (by Maya Levane)
Bag: Vive9 Evonne Fringed Bag in BurntOrange (by Sanya Bilavio) ['With Love (again) From' Hunt Prize]
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Vogue Leopard (by Bax Coen)
Poses: Marukin (by Valencia Southard) [Collabor88]

Location: Honey, I'm Home!, Three Moons Village
Listening to: Carla Bruni - Raphael

09 December 2011

#103 Venexia

Skin: R.icielli EOSv2 Light DB/Makeup14 (by Antonieta Fall) [New]
Eyes: R.icielli EOSv2 Eyes #3 (by Antonieta Fall)
Eyeliner: R.icielli EOS Glitter Eyeliner Silver (by Antonieta Fall)
Hair: Exile Cady Roots-Cranberry (by Kavar Cleanslate)
Dress: Fishy Strawberry Nikita Cream (by Fae Eriksen) [New]
Jacket: Tee*fy Long Loose Belt Cardigan (by Azure Electricteeth)
Clutch: Barerose Connie Black Clutch Bag (by June Dion)
Necklace: Happy Finds Fragile Friend (by AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur)
Shoes: [e] Move Pumps Onyx (by Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Poses: Marukin (by Valencia Southard)

Location: Venexia  (Eve's tip <3)
Listening to: Bon Iver - Calgary

05 December 2011

#102 Pouting

Skin: JeSyLiLO 2012Dec DollSkin J1 (by LiLO Glom) [New!] *Group members only!
Eyes: KOSH Horizon (by Lynaja Bade)
Eyelashes: LeLutka Curl (by Thora Charron)
Hair: Vive9 Fredja in Lexington (by Sanya Bilavio)
Jacket: The Boutique Seam Detail Lambskin Ocean (by Fashionz) [The Warehouse]
Shirt: Emery Dressy Top Zebra (by sunami Beck)
Pants: LeLutka CAPRICA Jeans (by Thora Charron)
Bag: Chabinns DJ Bag (by Robinn Magic)
Glasses: PRISS Summer Shades in Gold (by Erin Winterwolf)
Shoes: INDI Designs Olivieri Sneakers White/Gold (by Jamie Holmer)
Poses: Waffles (by Willa Whybrow)

Location: Rocket-FM, ArtsStyle
Listening to: Pato Fu - Antes que seja tarde