28 August 2011

#72 New and classic together

Skin: Glam Affair Layla Natural with Layla Lipstick Risque (by Aida Ewing)
Eyes: LeLutka Reflections Glory Eyes (by Minnu Palen)
Hair: Exile Georgina Roots Cranberry (by Kavar Cleanslate)
Shirt: d. Select Tops Cotton Lace Shirt White (by Steffi Villota)
Jacket: Armidi Classic Pinstripe Blazer Charcoal (by London Armidi)
Skirt: JANE Maxi Kkirt Meena Charcoal (by Janie Marlowe) [New] *Mesh
Necklace: KOSH Wise Owl Necklace (by Lynaja Bade)
Shoes: GField Rose Bootie Diva Black (by Cerberus Noel)
Pose: R.icielli (by Fleur Nicoletti)

27 August 2011

#71 Momenti

Skin: R.icielli RHEA MommaMonster DB/Makeup1 (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Eyelashes: Iris' Eyelash Tattoo for L.Fauna (by Iris Ophelia)
Hair: [e] Breeze Red 08 (by Elikapeka Tiramisu) [Collabor88]
Hair accessory: LaGyo Peonies HeadBand Aqua (by Gyorgyna Larnia)
Dress: KHUSH Krista Dress Ochre (by Liess Paine) [New]
Tattoo: KOSH Flock Of Birds (by Lynaja Bade)
Shoes: Mon Tissu Cottage Flats Black (by Elie Spot)
Poses: Momenti Poses (by Pietra Landar) [New]

Location: EY:NO Mainstore & LuTimez, White Bay Cay
Listening to: Marisa Monte e Arnaldo Antunes - Sem você

#70 Bells'n'Blue

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra Pale Make up26 (by Sissy Pessoa)
Lipstick: Baiastice Milly Lipstick Dark Red (by Sissy Pessoa)
Eyes: R.icielli EOS Eyes Gray#3 (by Fhara Acacia)
Hair: Maitreya Saar Autumn (by Onyx LeShelle)
Top: {SMS} Belted Tunic Sky (by Irie Campese)
Pants: Spirit Store Cler Pants Black (by Spirit Osmus) [New]
Earrings: {SMS} Native Bead Earrings Blue (by Irie Campese)
Nails: Urbanity Pretty Hand (by Trixi Wuyts)
Shoes: Royal Blue Treading Lightly Pumps in Noir (by Marni Grut)
Poses: Glitterati (by Katey Coppola)

Listening to: Janelle Monáe - Mushrooms & Roses

22 August 2011

#69 Fox


Skin: Platinum Filthy Skin (by Alexandra Barcelos) [Platinum Hunt]
Hair: LeLutka BREEZE Hair ItsNotGinger (by Thora Charron)
Sweater: COCO FrillyBlouse&Sweater Olive (by cocoro Lemon) [75% Off]
Capris: KHUSH Erins Capris Stone (by Liess Paine) [New]
Necklace: rbcg. Pan Flute Neckie Type A (by Kyrsten Jigsaw) [50L Sale]
Sandals: COCO Thong Sandal Natural (by cocoro Lemon) [75% Off]
Pose: Croire (by Emily Kaestner)
Location: Hide and Seek

19 August 2011

#68 Cream and Mint

Skin: JeSyLiLO Niran PaleSkin J8 Matte HairLine (by LiLO Glom) [New]
Hair: LeLutka BRIGITTE Hair Dark Red/Jessica (by Thora Charron) [New]
Shirt (part of): AOHARU DotChiffonShirt & SkirtWhite (by machang Pichot) [50% Off]
Skirt (part of): d. Select Dresses Dirndl Summer Dress Creme Cotton (by Steffi Villota)
Necklace: Bewildebeest The Sweeter Things in Life Necklace (by Coyote Momiji)
Bag: The Secret Store Girly briefcase Mint (by Maylee Oh)
Shoes: +ADDiCTIA+ Electro Stilettos Seafoam Green (by Oct Oakleaf) [New]
Poses: Hate me and eat me (by Lisbeth Gummibaum)

Location: Zigana , Sea Salts
Listening: Beatles - Norwegian Wood

18 August 2011

#67 Stretching

Skin: Pink Fuel Ember Honey Beestung Redbrow/Freck (by Mochi Milena)
Hair: Exile Rae Roots Cranberry (by Kavar Cleanslate) [New]
Body: Gawk! Red Sports Body (by Mell McMahon) [New]
Sweater: Gawk! Indigo Striped Baggy Pullover (by Mell McMahon) [Platinum Hunt]
Leggings: Gawk! Black Sports Leggings (by Mell McMahon) [New]
Socks: Gawk! Purple Sports Knee Socks (by Mell McMahon) [New]
Mat and water: MAGIC NOOK Personal Workout Mat (by Ayumi Cassini)
Bag: Danchu KitBag Orange+Motion (by Eslay Sirkelianov)
Scenario and pose: ILAYA The No Name Box Pillar (by Ilaya Allen)

Listening: Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger

#66 Patchwork

Skin: Exodi Sophie Cachet August 1 Dk (by Ryker Beck) [Group Gift]
Eyes: KOSH Horizon Eyes Blue (by Lynaja Bade)
Hair: Exile Evette Roots-Cranberry (by Kavar Cleanslate) [New]
Dress: The Secret Store Patchwork  Dress Mint/Cherry (by Maylee Oh) [Fashionably Late]
Shirt: AOHARU ChiffonLaceRuffleTank White (by machang Pichot) [50% Off]
Necklace: PRISS Lady Medallion Necklace Virgin Mary Gold (by Erin Winterwolf)
Bag: TokiD Teapot Bag Orange (by Maya Levane) [Summer Sale]
Shoes: ANEXX LoaferPumps Camel (by machang Pichot) [50% Off]
Pose: Marukin (by Valencia Southard) [Collabor88]

Location: (love) mainstore
Listening: Lady Gaga - Yoü And I

14 August 2011

#65 Her again


Skin: CASHMERE Godiva Latte Glare (by Gianni Broda) [30L Sale]
Eyeliner: Action Cosmetics Liners Elegant Wing (by MarilynMonroe Munro) [New]
Hair: Action Womens Hair Jade Naughty (by MarilynMonroe Munro) [New]
Shirt: R.icielli LongTop White (by Fhara Acacia)
Shorts: Milk Motion My Vintage Jean Short Green (by Marie Lauridsen)
Necklace: CONCRETE FLOWERS Tinman's Heart Necklace (by Lynaja Bade)
Piercing: {K}Rea Gift Percing (by Kere Millar) [Group Gift here]
Bracelet: KOSH Lor Bracelet (by Lynaja Bade)
Beer: Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer 330ml (by Winter Ventura) [Free here]
Shoes: Tram Gift Flats Bg (by Moca Loup) [Group Gift]
Pose: Pade Burre (by Hecuba Dionysus)

Listening to: Amy Winehouse - All my loving 

13 August 2011

#64 Smokey

Skin: Illusory Skin Milk (by Crushed Clarity)  [Collabor88]
Eyeshadow: Nuuna's Face Tattoo Smokey 2 (by Nuuna Nitely)
Eyes: KLETVA Recognizer Eyes TrutleGreen (by Vitor Algoma)
Hair: [e] Changes Red 10 (by Elikapeka Tiramisu) [Collabor88]
Shirt: C.Smit Shirt Rock`n`Roll LightGrey (by Cynthia Smit)
Jacket: Mon Tissu Rockaby Blazer Black (by Anouk Spot)
Shorts: Gloss Shorts Female (by Ines Craft) [Gift]
Tights: fri. Fishnets & Bows Opaque (by Jumah Monday)
Necklace: This is a Fawn + Scribble Corvus Necklace Blackened Silver (by OMGWTF Barbecue)
Bag: rbcg School Bag Black (by Kyrsten Jigsaw) [50L Sale]
Ring: Awesome Blossom Poppy Ring Color Change (by Clementine Ishtar)
Shoes: Vive9 Xianv2 Boots Black Boxed (by Sanya Bilavio)
Pose: Pade Burre (by Hecuba Dionysus)

Location: deviousMind

#63 Suspect

Skin: Atomic Lien Skin DB Buff TDR (by Ivy Graves)
Hair: Action Womens Hair Taylor Naughty (by MarilynMonroe Munro) [New]
Blouse: G Field Silky Blouse Charlotte White (by Cerberus Noel)
Shirt: MUKA ColdShoulder Black (by Muka Release)
Skirt: Snatch Cara Leather Skirt Black (by Ivey Deschanel)
Tights: Sheer Tights 27 Opaque Black (by Sh Oluja)
Hat, pose and scenario: Chanimations DeviousSuspects (by Chandra Meehan) [Hunt Prize]
Listening: Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock

12 August 2011

#62 Odela

Skin: MONS Odela Skin Red Natural Sugar Blossom Lips (by Ekilem) [New]
Eyeshadow: MONS Odela Skin Eyeshadow Tattoo Shine Blue (by Ekilem)
Eyes: R.icielli EOS Eyes Turquoise#3 (by Fhara Acacia)
Hair: LeLutka MOSS Hair Dark Reds/Jessica (by Thora Charron) [New]
Dress: Nemesis Breeze Dress White (by Calypso Clip)
Bracelet: Nemesis Isle Bangle White (by Calypso Clip)
Nails: Red Mint Welcome Gift'11 (by Moni Schulze)
Pose: [glow] pose Homemade (by Anemysk Karu)

Location: Calas Galadhon
Listening: Regina Spektor - Us

10 August 2011

#61 Destiny

Skin: R.icielli RHEA Pale DB Makeup2 (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Eyes: R.icielli EOS Eyes Gray#3 (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Eyelashes: LeLutka Lashes Long (by Thora Charron)
Hair: Exile Gwen Roots Cranberry (by Kavar Cleanslate) [New]
Hairbase: Exodi Hair Base Red (by Ryker Beck)
Sweater: Tres Blah Rad Sweatshirt Slate (by Julliette Westerburg)
Pants: CASHMERE Blow Jeans Black (by Gianni Broda) [30L Sale]
Earrings: [ glow ] studio Scary Earrings (by Linka Demina) [Only 1L]
Ring: SIGMA Jewels Cast Ring Silver (by Sofi Trenkins)
Bag: [glow] Studio Silver Fur Tiger Bag (by Anemysk Karu)
Heels: Slink Destiny Heels Black (by Siddean Munro) [New]
Pose (photo 1): Marukin (by Valencia Southard) [Collabor88]
Pose (photo 3): Pade Burre (by Hecuba Dionysus)

06 August 2011

#60 Thai Me Up

Skin: R.icielli RHEA Pale DB Makeup18 (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Eyes: R.icielli EOS Eyes Green #3 (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Hair: Shag Thai Me Up Ember (by Sebastien Aries) [New]*
Top: Awram Viie Sweater Knit White (by Miraiwave Iwish)
Skirt: LeLutka TRIUMPH Skirt Heavy (by Thora Charron)
Necklace and Ring: KOSH Olen (by Lynaja Bade) [New]
Bag: LeLutka MAICAO Bag Gold (by Azufr3 Catteneo)
Tights: Vive9 Sheer Doted & Original Tights in Caramel (by Sanya Bilavio) [Summer Sale]
Shoes: Vive9 RITA Boots in Chocolate (by Sanya Bilavio)
Pose 1: LeLutka Maicao Bag AO
Pose 2: Pade Burre (by Hecuba Dionysus) [New]

Location: {K}Rea Mainstore

*You can find this style for only 75L per three color pack during the Project Themeory weekend :)

03 August 2011

#59 You'd always win

Skin: Pink Fuel Ember Honey Pure (by Mochi Milena)
Hair: Shag Voulez-Vous Ember (by Sebastien Aries) [Fashionably Late]
Dress: d. Select Dresses Sexy Tennis Dress Creme Mint (by Steffi Villota) [New]
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks ColorSet 2 White (by Onyx LeShelle)
Sneakers: Reek Ikat Swell Sneaks (by Riq Graves)
Bag: R.icielli THE MESSENGER Bag  White (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Ring: Rozoregalia Carpe diem No.2 Platinum/Diamond Hers (by Rozoregalia Braveheart)
Racket: TT Sports [Free here]
Poses: E.inK (by Empty Inkpen)

Location: TT Sports
Listening: Adele - Set Fire To The Rain  love you ♥

02 August 2011

#58 I told you I was trouble

Skin: Pink Fuel Ember Honey Pure (by Mochi Milena)
Eyeliner: Action Cosmetics Liners Dramatic Wing (by MarilynMonroe Munro) [New]
Hair: Exile Valerie Roots Tango (by Kavar Cleanslate) [New]
Tattoo 1: Amy Tattoo (by my hun Ines ♥ ty sweetheart)
Tattoo 2: TATOOART Sucked Neck Tattoo (by Ines Craft) [New]
Top: R.icielli LUIZA Miniblouse Black (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Skirt: R.icielli AMANDA Highwaisted Skirt Grape (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Earrings: R.icielli BRIGITTE Earrings BlackDiamond (by Fhara Acacia) [New]
Ring: Bewildebeest Arabesque Ring Berylium (by Coyote Momiji)
Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps Black (by Mikee Mokeev)

Location: Creators Pavillion
Listening to: Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm no Good (i was there...)