30 September 2019

#319 Season of the witch

Head: LAQ Bento head - Noelle (by Mallory Cowen)
Skin and shape: LAQ ~ Gloria Skin [All Tones] Omega (by Mallory Cowen) [New Commotion Event]
Eyes: LAQ ~ Mesh Eyes [Rigged and Unrigged] 1.01 (by Mallory Cowen)
Eyes applier: LAQ ~ LAQ Eyes applier 15 (by Mallory Cowen)
Freckles: LAQ ~ Freckles Appliers [HUD] (by Mallory Cowen)
Eyeliner: from LAQ Bento - HUD 3.06 (by Mallory Cowen)
Eye dots makeup: Veechi - Cutie Dots (by Aiubrey Snoodle)
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL LAQ March 2019 (by mochi.milena)
Eyelashes: ~Shiny Stuffs~ LAQ Bedazzled Appliers (by tarani.tempest)
Ears: :ANDORE: - 19 - Cats, Roses and Some Magic RARE (by rcovar) [Soon @ Gacha Land]
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Body applier: LAQ ~ Next Level - Maitreya [2.0] (by Mallory Cowen)
Tattoo: Juna: Mek tattoo Woman (by junanuj) [New @ Dubai] *more info
Nails: -SU!- Livana Bento Nails 10 (by Eleanor Cyberstar)
Hair: Moon. Hair // - RedHeads - Happy (by Silent Acoustic)

Boots: [BREATHE]-Nanaka Heels-FATPACK (by daisa Admiral) [New @ Uber]
Socks: +Psycho Barbie+ [Ouija Knee Highs] (by ipoisonivyi)
Dress: -Pixicat- Dreamy.Dress - Halloween (by areve)
Necklace: :ANDORE: - 20 - Cats, Roses and Some Magic RARE (by rcovar) [Soon Gacha Land]
Bracelets: ^^Swallow^^ Bracialet Death (by luciayes.magic)
Hair pins: +Dreamcatcher+ Sakura hairpin (by notthereal.novaland)

Kirin - Kyari Pose 5 (by Carolina Sautereau)

[ Focus Poses ] Make your own Magic*! (by carol.kling)

26 September 2019

#318 Scandi

[Click here to enlarge]

Hey, folks!

Today's post is featuring the Scandi Set by Samantha Bleich for The Arcade gacha event. Scandinavian spaces have a contemporary concept, great for living and working environments. The set contais multiple options of furniture, plants and other high quality decor items with excelent textures and colors. In the picture above I've used:

1. Bleich - Scandi Set - Scandi Sofa RARE
2. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Ottoman
4. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Ottoman
6. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Ottoman
8. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Triangle Table
10. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Triangle Table
12. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Coffee Table
15. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Cactus
19. Bleich - Scandi Furniture - Moon Pendants
23. Bleich - Scandi Set - Hand Pot
24. Bleich - Scandi Set - Hand Pot
25. Bleich - Scandi Set - Candle
26. Bleich - Scandi Set - Candle

The Arcade is almost in the end, so rush to get it there before September 30th: teleport HERE :)

Info about the other products:

hive // simple skybox (by thehivestore)
KraftWork Bellosguardo Book Collection 1 (by NODNOL Jameson)
.06 [ kunst ] - Crossing sign (by Kunst Himmel)
-tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Globe The World is Yours (by Julliette Westerburg)
Bazar Paris - Books (by Ria Bazar)
West Village Billy Ball Stems (by warehousefifteendesigns)
ROIRO - "EVERGREEN" Flowers W T (by roiro)
ROIRO - "EVERGREEN" Wall shelf (by roiro)
dust bunny . conch shell planter . gallant group gift (by lxlnoel) [Free]
Zaara [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *multi* (by Zaara Kohime)
Soy. Green plants with a coiled vase Tall/White (by soysoy)
ARIA - Solace Decorative Pillows (byyelo.uriza))
Apple Fall Cushion - Cockatiel (by warehousefifteendesigns)
Apple Fall Liberty Sketchbook (by warehousefifteendesigns)
LISP - Mesh - Kepler Telescope - tex change touch middle -Large (by Lainy Voom)
LISP - Tach Hanging Mustard (by Pandora Popstar)
Serenity Style- Refuge Slippers Decor (by hanstrid.inshan)
MadPea Crazy Cat Lady's Starter Kit - Scratching Post (by Electronic Mode)
[Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Angry (by bartazor)
[Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Grooming (by bartazor)
[Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Sniffing (by bartazor)
+Half-Deer+ Tasseled Hanging Chair - Tan (by halogen.magic)
dust bunny . yarn basket (by lxlnoel)
hive // hanging devil's ivy plant . dark (by thehivestore)
Apple Fall Monkey Fist Knot (by warehousefifteendesigns)
BlueMousetoy for VKC Cats (by VKC) [Free]
GreenMousetoy for VKC Cats (by VKC) [Free]
[Con.] Nautical Star (by Wavie Haller)

Thanks for your visit! See you soon <3

25 September 2019

#317 Belle

Head: LAQ Bento head - Ivy (by Mallory Cowen)
Skin and shape: LAQ ~ Belle skin (by Mallory Cowen) [NEW!]
Eyeshadow: Avada~ Aldona Eyeshadow Neutrals for Laq Applier (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Lashes, lipstick and gloss: ~Shiny Stuffs~ Beautiful Day LAQ Appliers (by tarani.tempest) [Powder Pack LAQ March 2019]
Eyes: LAQ ~ Mesh Eyes Rigged and Unrigged Omega (by Mallory Cowen)
Eyes applier: [Cubic Cherry] {Amelie} eyes (by kreao.kujisawa)
Eyes reflections: LAQ ~ Eye Reflections/Shadows (by Mallory Cowen) [Gift]
Ears: :ANDORE: - :Mesh Ears: - Fehu (by rcovar)
Highlighter: Izzie's - LAQ Omega - Applier Highlighter (by Izzie Button)
Moles (face): Avada~ Beauty Moles for Omega Applier (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Moles (body): Izzie's - Body Moles (by Izzie Button)
Veins (face): Izzie's - Face Imperfections (by Izzie Button)
Veins (body): Izzie's - Maitreya - Applier Body Veins & Cellulite (by Izzie Button)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara (by Onyx LeShelle)
Hair: DOUX - Jimena hairstyle (by dam1710)
Necklace: NANIKA -  Antia Necklace (by sdevas) [NEW @ VANITY]
Outfit: [Canimal] Moon - FATPACK (by canimal.zephyr) [NEW @ C88]
Backdrop: -tres blah- Soiree - Curtain Backdrop (by Julliette Westerburg)
Pose: FOXCITY. Stairs (Standing)-1m (by Satomi Masukami)
Axis: LeLutka Axis HUD Face (by Thora Charron)

13 September 2019

#316 Wind strikes

Head: LAQ Bento head - Noelle (by Mallory Cowen)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - FONTAIN powder pack 06.2019 (by Izara Zuta)
Eyeliner: NOX. Kit Set - LAQ Powder Pack - June (by anya.mcconach)
Eyelashes: LAQ ~ Eyelashes 12 (by Mallory Cowen)
Eyes: AG. Luna Eyes - 02 - Appliers (by kendra.parfort)
Highlighter and lipstick: alaskametro<3 for LAQ Powder Pack 06.2019 (by Alaska Metropolitan)
Ears: ANDORE :Lg: - :Mesh Ears: - Base 2019 #1 (by rcovar)
Hairbase: Avada~ Kinzie Hairbase (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Hair: Tableau Vivant // Mariposa hair (by M4ri1yn Magic) [New @ COLLABOR88]
Face imperfections: Izzie's - Face Imperfections (by Izzie Button)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 (by Onyx LeShelle)
Body imperfections: Izzie's - Body Veins & Cellulite Combined (by Izzie Button)
Nails: Doll Chrome Nails Applier for Maitreya (by haudra)

Outfit: KITJA - Greta (by Kitja Rexie) [New @ Anthem]
Boots: [BREATHE]-Natsume Heels-FATPACK (by daisa Admiral) [New @ Fameshed]
Hat: [LeLutka]-HAT_fabricA/black (by Thora Charron)
Earrings: Avada~ Vanessa Earrings (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Rings: Avada~ Hamisi Rings (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Bag: 7;] SaintLeSeven Bag - Neon (by illllehctim)

Le Poppycock *Peace* Spirit (by Olivia Lalonde)
LeLutka Axis HUD Face (by Thora Charron)

MINIMAL - Colorful Backdrop *1* (by Ors Quan) [New @ The Arcade]
Kalopsia - Flying Paper (by Isabeau Baragula)
+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves - Dark Green (by halogen.magic) [FLF]
Amitie Flying Leaves (by BELEN Ackland)

01 September 2019

#315 Heartbreaker night

Head: LeLutka Bento Head-GREER (by JadenArt)
Skin and shape: .:[PUMEC] :. - .:Ramona:. -  /January Gift\  - SKIN Lelutka (by otyebis)
Ears: ANDORE :Lg: - :Mesh Ears: - Base 2019 #1 (by rcovar)
Eyes: Lefort by Revoul - Lechery Eyes / Lelutka Applier (by highcache)
Eyeliner: CAZIMI: Pixie Eyeshadows (by dima.plessis)
Eyelashes: [POUT!] Delicate Lashes - Catwa, Vista, Genus & Lelutka (by leela.darwin)
Lipstick: Avada~ Kaelie Lipstick (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Highlighter: alaskametro<3 "Aura" cheek glitter (by Alaska Metropolitan)
Hairbase: Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka hairbase 04 (by M4ri1yn Magic)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Bad Girl #1 - Reds (by M4ri1yn Magic)
Tattoo (face): 8. VileCult - Mesh Tattoo Diamond (by zoryanite)
Tattoo (upper): Oxydate. Eternally Tattoo (by monasax95)
Tattoo (lower): PICHI - Minimalist Body Tattoo Maitreya Applier 2 RARE (by zxxrysa.magic)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 (by Onyx LeShelle)

Top: .SALT - ALIX TOP - FATPACK MAITREYA (by marietheres)
Skirt: .SALT - MIA SKIRT - FATPACK MAITREYA (by marietheres)
Jacket: Pseudo- Bradley Jacket Yellow (by Smith Dash)
Earrings: Avada~ Vanessa Earrings (by Stephanie Fishnet) [Coming soon @ Swank]
Piercing: Avada~ Celeste Nose Ring (by Stephanie Fishnet)
Fanny pack: Emery Ica Waist Bag Turquoise for Maitreya Body Lara (by sunami.beck)
Garters: BJK* Tokyo StreetWear Garters Black (by B1ackJackStore)

Animation from Pseudo- Bradley Jacket Hud (by Smith Dash)
LeLutka Axis HUD Face (by Thora Charron)

FOXCITY. Rude Gacha - 6 - Heartbreaker Night (by Satomi Masukami)