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By Nuria Niven - 8:51 PM

Skybox: [ba] new orleans skybox (by Barnesworth Anubis) [Collabor 88]
Chairs set: :CP: Cardigan Bay Deck Set (by Isla Gealach)
Vase: KOSH IVY AMPHORA (by Lynaja Bade)

Dog: Beagle laying (by Jon Haskell)
Rug: Field of Flowers Welcome Mat (by Solace Terasaur)
Corner bench: Trompe Loeil Baroque Bench Mahogany + Watercolor (by Cory Edo) [The Arcade Gacha]
Pillows: [MudHoney]Designs Fall Pillows (by Rayvn Hynes)
Lamps: LISP Gentlemen Bulbs in a Box (by Pandora Popstar)
Doll holding lamp: [*Art Dummy!] once. (set) for  Fairy Tales in 2012 (by Gala Charron)
Newspapers on the floor: OldPhonebooks-n-Newspappers (by Arcadia Asylum) 
Phone: LISP Ctrl-Alt-Del Phone (by Pandora Popstar) 
Ashtray: :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray (by Yonemaru Allen) 

Sofa: Trompe Loeil NYC66 Couch Light Green (by Cory Edo)
Pillows: Olive Juice '<3' Floor Pillow (by IsabellaGrace Baroque)
Rug: Action Sculpted Rug 01 CUSTOMIZABLE (by Bobn4uyes Winkler)
Painting: KOSH TREEOLOGY (by Lynaja Bade)
Dolls on the floor: .:*L&Co*:. Home Doll :: MATRYOSHKA :: (by Lolly Carlberg)
Lamp on the shelf: KOSH PANDEMONIUM LAMP (by Lynaja Bade)
Vases between the doors: KOSH KCOC BRANCHES (by Lynaja Bade)
Lamp on the left side: {{BSD-Design Studio}} post modern 3legs lamp (by BabyChampagne Sass)
Plates on the wall: LISP Fairytale Wall Plates (by jazzmonkey)

Studio: :WG: Sculpt Photostudio Base Pack (by Web Gearbox) [75L]
Lamp: ::LISP:: Umbrella Floor Lamp (by Pandora Popstar)
Camera: Yashica Camera With Stand (by voonsm Voom)
Mirror: [North West] Tall Gilt Mirror w/ resizer (by Lili Brink)
Ladder: Baffle! Comfy Stepladder ~ JFTG Hunt (by Samantha Smadga)
1st manequin: Hyperbole. Fashion Dummy (by Tyr Rozenblum)
2nd manequin: Trompe Loeil Quilted Mannequin (by Cory Edo)
Scarf on the manequin: Vanguard Alexander Mcqueen Shawl (by Rollyn) [L'Accessoires]
Decal: :CP: Let Your Heart Decal (by Isla Gealach)

Sofa: Trompe Loeil Sunbleached Puffy Couch White (by Cory Edo)
Rug: [noctis] R&R Wrinkled Rug Sculpted (by Yelena Istmal)
Drawer: Trompe Loeil Jewelry Armore (by Cory Edo)
Boxes on the floor: **en Svale** Antique Trunk (by Zooey Yokosuka)
*There are many things in the closet mess, if want to know something about its credits ask me ;)

Skin: Glam Affair Lilith Europa 05 Red (by Aida Ewing)
Eyes: Izzie's Deep Dark Eyes Dark Brown (by Izzie Button)
Hair: ::Exile:: Like Lovers Do Sear (by Kavar Cleanslate)
Shirt: fri. Ballet.Tee Cloud (by Darling Monday)
Cardigan: (TokiD) Summer Nights Cardigan Grey Print (by Maya Lavane)
Pants: Maitreya Mesh Zipper Skinny Jeans * #8 (by Onyx LeShelle)
Watch: *CASHMERE* Vivoldi Watch Black (by Gianni Broda)
Nails: Izzie's Metallic Nails (by Izzie Button)
Feet: Slink Womens Medium Height Barefeet (by Siddean Munro)
Shoes: Miamai Lily Onyx Satin (by Pill Kanto) [L'Accessoires]
Bag: NYU Neutral Leather Briefcase Red (by NyuNyu Kimono)
Keys: <kal rau> Key Chain V.I.P Member Gift (by Kal Rau)
Sunglasses: GOTZSCHE Wear. Sport Glasses Himmel (by Gotzsche) [L'Accessoires]
Coffee and newspaper: MudHoney Newspaper & Coffee Cup (by Rayvn Hynes)
Pose: Estetica (by Litzi Xue)

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